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Shutdown Every Courtroom Of Ā Corruption And Tyranny!

Shutdown Every Courtroom Of Ā Corruption And Tyranny!


The Republic of Texas will End It!

The tyranny which the UNITED STATESā€™ Government has endorsed over its relatively short history must be terminated in this generation. Even in this nationā€™s infancy, genocide, lies, frauds, breaking treaties, and murder was executed, endorsed and approved by the U.S. Government upon people whose philosophy, cultures, and political views differed from the goals of the UNITED STATES.
While preaching the virtuous words of freedom, liberty, justice, and human rights the UNITED STATESā€™ Government has, through its hypocrisy, continued to oppress and systematically eliminate people who do not agree with its policies. The UNITED STATES may be the largest mass murderer of history, possibly surpassing the infamous Catholic Church of the Middle Ages and Hitlerā€™s Germany.

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