Video: All Hell Breaks Loose In Court Room As Patriots Stand Against Tyranny

24 Jul

Patriots STAND Up and DEFY TYRANNY in the Courtroom!:

Commentary by America On Coffee:

It is true that courtroom belongs to the people and not the judge.  And, yes the courtroom is to be orderly.  But what is order in the court when the judge is making up laws instead of interpreting and applying law per the Ten Commandments and the United States Constitution?


2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 15:16
(Before It’s News)
by Ashley Jones Alternate Current Radio Network
Thanks to G. 

 Who Stands With Me?” That’s what my brother Nathan said when he was grabbed by police and removed dragged out, simply for being a patriot. You need to decide if you will stand!

Washington St- A very explosive video which shows just how corrupt Americas courtrooms and Judges have become was just released by patriot/activist Gavin Seim. In the video that Gavin shot inside the Washington St courtroom during the trial of another fellow patriot named Tell Shasteen who was being prosecuted for asking Officer O’mally why he was being pulled over.  

On a lonely dark highway in Douglas county, officer Evan O’Mally stopped Tell Shasteen who was driving with Tammy Seim returning from a family dinner in Wenatchee. The officer comes up to the window and the driver reaches for…

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