Shots fired, 117 arrests made as North Dakota cops remove pipeline protesters from private land

10 Nov

Finding Truth In an Illusory World


FILE PHOTO © Terray Sylvester / Reuters

Hundreds of police in riot gear and with heavy military equipment have moved Dakota Access Pipeline protesters from their encampment on private land in North Dakota. Police have reportedly arrested at least 117 demonstrators so far.

“117 protesters have been arrested [as of 8:15 pm Thursday]. Morton County will be utilizing other jails in this mass arrest operation,” said Donnell Hushka, a spokeswoman for the Morton County, North Dakota, Sheriff’s Department.

Police have entered the sacred ground camp and surrounded protesters there. Livestream videos showed more than one hundred protesters on the front line.

The Morton County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to the Associated Press that it had cleared the private land of…

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