Rage against judicial corruption increases around the world:Scores of attorneys among the dead in suicide bombing in southwestern Pakistan – The Washington Post

13 Oct

​By Aamir Iqbal and Pamela Constable Asia & PacificAugust 8 

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — A gruesome suicide bombing at midday Monday left at least 70 people dead outside a hospital in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta, most of them lawyers who had rushed there to protest and mourn the earlier killing of a local bar-association leader. 

The Khorasan branch of the Islamic State, a regional affiliate of the Mideast-based Sunni Islamist militant group, asserted responsibility for the blast in telephone calls to journalists in Pakistan. But a separate Pakistani militant splinter group, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, issued an online statement claiming it had carried out the bombing.

[Why a fractured Taliban is endangering the U.S. mission in Afghanistan]

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