Attorney Paul J. Sulla, Jr. Involved in Real Property Theft – Judicial CorruptionAttorney Paul J. Sulla, Jr. Involved in Real Property TheftOPEN LETTER BY INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST SHERRI KANE, AS A VICTIM OF ATTORNEY PAUL J. SULLA, JR.’S PROPERTY THEFT SCHEMEMy domestic partner Leonard G. Horowitz and I, are victims of non-judicial foreclosure fraud, mortgage fraud, illegal transfers of our mortgages and notes, and theft of our real property and title by organized crime.

13 Oct

Our case involves Attorney Paul J. Sulla Jr and his shill, Jason Hester, with the complicity of Attorney Stephen D. Whittaker of Kona, HI.

Mr. Whittaker has lied and perjured himself and has hoodwinked Judge Ronald Ibarra and his subordinate Judge Melvin Fujino to grant our 17 acre property to a homeless drifter named Jason Hester, who Mr. Whittaker claims to be representing. Mr. Whittaker, however, is being paid by the concealed real party of interest, Paul J. Sulla Jr. Mr. Hester is being used as a shill for this drug dealing attorney Sulla, who illegally manufactures and traffics drugs within a racketeering enterprise operating on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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Posted by on October 13, 2016 in tyranny


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