When the Government Views Its Own Population as the Enemy

04 Apr

….then the population (people) becomes enslaved by a tyrannical rule (the governing body). Tyranny’s own folly, pride, control and misuse of power gives a false assurance that the American people have no recourse. ….(?)


News for the Revolution

The Government’s Intelligent Design

By Chris Wright
April 4, 2015
Counter Punch

The public debate over government surveillance that was, if not inaugurated, at least intensified by the publication of documents provided by Edward Snowden has been, in some respects, surreal and deluded. One side claims that the NSA’s mass surveillance is necessary to protect the public from terrorism, that in fact it has thwarted many “potential terrorist events.” The other side claims, with much more justification, that bulk data collection does little or nothing to protect ordinary civilians. But few commentators draw another, more subversive conclusion: government has no interest in protecting its citizens (as such) in the first place. In fact, its interest is precisely the opposite: toexpose its citizens–with privileged exceptions–to harm.

Sounds absurd, of course. But consider, first, the recent historical record, which certainly does not support the idea that…

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