Happy 4th of July all you US readers. “Remembrance Day”

05 Jul

Casey's Overnight Cafe

tattered US flagI call this “Remembrance Day”. To me this day celebrates this nation’s independence from tyranny, oppression, and the beginning of an experiment unequaled in the history of mankind. What have we, the descendants who have inherited this gift beyond price, done with this glorious legacy?

We figured out how to vote for the lock box. The treasury. The goodies. We have voted willingly for shysters and scumbags who in another life would have been chased off a used car lot for being too dishonest. We have traded freedom for perceived comfort. We live under the burden of an unending stream of taxes, regulations and laws that make all of us criminals. We live at the sufferance of our government, instead of the way it should be, the government at our mercy.

In this nation, one of our states yesterday put a gag order on a couple to prevent them from…

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Posted by on July 5, 2015 in corruption


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