Sharia Law in Texas

22 Mar

by America On Coffee


Sharia law originated from Islamic countries. America is a republic founded on the basis of Christianity, basic rights of citizens, with adherence to the U.S. Constitution as the expected seal of its platform.

Here in America our justice is by origination American and constitutional. Never should our founding principles be taken out of context, reshaped, redefined for any foreign person or entities’ benefit. The U.S. court system would not be in violation of Muslims’ religious rights by not incorporating Islamic laws into the American judicial process.

Those in America who live and practice the Muslim faith regulated by Sharia Law and who are in need of Islamic justice, should, therefore go to that country of their Sharia indoctrination.

Inputting Sharia law in Texas or anywhere in America would bring barbaric methods such as decapitation and other inhumane punishments into our justice system.

Already Americans have enough chaos and corruption from unconstitutional judges throughout it’s courts. State and federal judges even now are failing to give justice to American people. Judges are falsely arresting citizens, stealing probate, children, personal/real property and casting lots on people’ s lives.

Our courtrooms have become crime scenes. Courts are a blatant marketplace for bribes and an arena for judicial tyranny committed by judges, themselves. The implementation of Sharia Law into any one of our United States, is a door opener for more corruption, increased tyranny and would encourage ISIS terrorists’ strategies and the Muslim way of life.

Sharia Law in Texas.via Sharia Law in Texas</a

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