Crony Capitalism and Judicial Corruption – Los Angeles Style

03 Feb


CORRUPTION and JUSTICES 02Crony Capitalism and Judicial Corruption – Los Angeles Style

by Scott Zwartz

January 14, 2015

America is awash with crony capitalism. We see it with substandard HumV’s for the soldiers in Iraq. We see it with $1.25 for one hospital Tyenol tablet. We see it with Wall Street crooks who devise fraudulent scams which crash the economy while making personal fortunes into the billions of dollars for the executives behind the frauds. We see it in fools like Alan Greenspan who said we did not need regulations as Wall Street would never do anything foolish.

Closer to home, we see a State which teetered on the brink of bankruptcy until the new Gov. Jerry Brown got the corrupt Community Redevelopment Agency abolished. Some citizens paid a heavy toll for their efforts to bring the constant corruption of the CRA and court system to light.

One such person was Attorney…

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