Congressman Mike Arcuri

25 Jan

America's Hidden Shame

We were given a great opportunity on our Oneonta campus as Congressman Mike Arcuri sat down for a debate that we would be broadcasting live from the Suny Oneonta campus. During the debate the question of ā€œHomeless Veteransā€ was brought up, and Arcuri spoke veryĀ adamantly on the subject. We were able to film his response during the debate, but were also able to get some of his time after the debate to answer a few questions on the homeless veteran subject more indepthly.

Arcuri was more than willing to fulfill our request and not only answered our questions, but gave more of a response than he did during the debate. This was a hugeĀ opportunityĀ that our group was able toĀ capitalize on in order to get a knownĀ politician on camera and voice his standing on the given issue we wish to bring forth and tell as many people as possible.

Overall itā€¦

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Posted by on January 25, 2015 in corruption


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