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GTI News’s (7) seven-year investigation of Public Corruption, and its cover up in San Diego County, CA. has lead directly to more than a dozen Senior Criminal Prosecutors, public agency attorneys, private attorneys, and into the California State Bar. More than a dozen senior prosecutor attorneys directly linked to felony crimes, involving more than 200 Police Officers, Sheriffs, Judges, DA Investigators, Firefighters, their public unions, and even FBI Agents. Crimes covering more than twelve (12) year of public agency organized crime, involving evidence tampering and it’s cover up, inside and outside the Superior Courts. Crimes involving election fraud conspiracy, civil rights violations, and Insurance Fraud Bribery, for financial, political, and personal profit.

The year 2014 finds little change in a State Bar under fire since 2010, with limitations on it’s cash flow dues, as a California State Audit, “found inefficiencies in the discipline operation”. The Legislature’s Governance Task Force stated, “concerns that recent actions taken by the State Bar Board of Governors have not sufficiently taken into account the protection of the public”.

All of which is “Public Agency Speak” for a CULTURE OF SELF SERVING CRIMINAL CONDUCT. All current evidence of this reporter’s investigations indicate nothing has changed at the State Bar, and has likely gotten a lot worse, partly to protect a reported “Dues” cash flow of over $60 Million dollars a year.

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State Bar Corruption Whistle Blower Sues Over Firing



The Truth About Our Beautiful Nation

She's A Vagrant

Before reading the poem, I’d advise you to click on Glossary and check the meaning of words you don’t know. Hope you enjoy reading! :)

screenshot_20160706-114419-2.jpgThe fighter planes which once
Soiled the blue canvas
Painted it with black
Are forgotten now
But the light blue sky still remains
‘Cause beauty is beheld
But the pain ricochets

Where orange is the new black
And mankind goes insane over
Black market blues and catcalls
Where emotions have no outlet
And humanity is capsized by wrecking balls
The truth about our beautiful nation
Lies behind the white walls.

6a64c52b2bd802a7a9d5e4252e2e60d6-2.jpgHere females are either treated as goddesses
Or are victims of eve teasing.
Here rape verdicts are left in a limbo
And its victims are stated guilty.
We talk of a changing world
But there’s a dearth of equality.
We preach feminism
But forget to enforce it.

Oh! How the night sky longs for…

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THE BIG FORECLOSURE DEFRAUD….Victims of these horrible crimes are still seeking justice.



Unsealed court-settlement documents reveal banks stole $trillions’ worth of houses

Back in 2012, the major US banks settled a federal mortgage-fraud lawsuit for $95,000,000. The suit was filed by Lynn Szymoniak, a white-collar fraud specialist, whose own house had been fraudulently foreclosed-upon. When the feds settled with the banks, the evidence detailing the scope of their fraud was sealed, but as of last week, those docs are unsealed, and Szymoniak is shouting them from the hills. The banks precipitated the subprime crash by “securitizing” mortgages — turning mortgages into bonds that could be sold to people looking for investment income — and the securitization process involved transferring title for homes several times over. This title-transfer has a formal legal procedure, and in the absence of that procedure, no sale had taken place. See where this is going?

The banks screwed up the title transfers. A lot. They sold bonds backed by houses they didn’t own. When it came time to foreclose on those homes, they realized that they didn’t actually own them, and so they committed felony after felony, forging the necessary documentation. They stole houses, by the neighborhood-load, and got away with it. The $1B settlement sounded like a big deal, back when the evidence was sealed. Now that Szymoniak’s gotten it into the public eye, it’s clear that $1B was a tiny slap on the wrist: the banks stole trillions of dollars’ worth of houses from you and people like you, paid less than one percent in fines, and got to keep the homes.

Now that it’s unsealed, Szymoniak, as the named plaintiff, can go forward and prove the case. Along with her legal team (which includes the law firm of Grant & Eisenhoffer, which has recovered more money under the False Claims Act than any firm in the country), Szymoniak can pursue discovery and go to trial against the rest of the named defendants, including HSBC, the Bank of New York Mellon, Deutsche Bank and US Bank.

The expenses of the case, previously borne by the government, now are borne by Szymoniak and her team, but the percentages of recovery funds are also higher. “I’m really glad I was part of collecting this money for the government, and I’m looking forward to going through discovery and collecting the rest of it,” Szymoniak told Salon.

It’s good that the case remains active, because the $95 million settlement was a pittance compared to the enormity of the crime. By the end of 2009, private mortgage-backed securities trusts held one-third of all residential mortgages in the U.S. That means that tens of millions of home mortgages worth trillions of dollars have no legitimate underlying owner that can establish the right to foreclose. This hasn’t stopped banks from foreclosing anyway with false documents, and they are often successful, a testament to the breakdown of law in the judicial system. But to this day, the resulting chaos in disentangling ownership harms homeowners trying to sell these properties, as well as those trying to purchase them. And it renders some properties impossible to sell.

To this day, banks foreclose on borrowers using fraudulent mortgage assignments, a legacy of failing to prosecute this conduct and instead letting banks pay a fine to settle it. This disappoints Szymoniak, who told Salon the owner of these loans is now essentially “whoever lies the most convincingly and whoever gets the benefit of doubt from the judge.” Szymoniak used her share of the settlement to start the Housing Justice Foundation, a non-profit that attempts to raise awareness of the continuing corruption of the nation’s courts and land title system.

Your mortgage documents are fake! [David Dayen/Salon]

(Image: Foreclosure, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from andrewbain’s photostream)


stolen homes corrupt courts



FBI Director’s testimony about Clinton emails further lowers the reputation of the FBI


Peace and Freedom


FBI Director James Comey testifies before a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on July 7, 2016. Getty Images

Fox News

By  Tom Fitton

There is the bipartisan pretense that the FBI is the only government agency in Washington that is above reproach. Yet, this is the agency that collaborated with Lois Lerner and the IRS in an effort to criminally prosecute opponents of Barack Obama. Then, unsurprisingly, this same FBI (and Justice Department) found nothing worth prosecuting in their own blatant malfeasance.

Again, this is the same FBI whose Keystone Cops approach to counter-terrorism failed to prevent eminently preventable terrorist acts ranging from the Boston Marathon bombing to the Orlando massacre. In fact, we now know that an FBI supervisor actually told one Florida police department investigating Omar Mateen, “We do NOT believe he is a terrorist” [Emphasis in original]


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Doghouses, Tents, Etc…for homeless encampments create a sweeping uproar in Los Angeles and nationwide— Bay Realty Partners

August 12, 2015 by Marc Afzal

A citywide movement in Los Angeles to build tiny houses on wheels for the homeless rolled into San Pedro this month, sparking an uproar among critics who charge that the doghouse-like wooden structures are not only eyesores but will quickly become a haven for crime.

Read more here: Contra Costa Times

Watch “Police Destroy Homes For The Homeless!” on YouTube

‘Doghouses’ for the homeless?

Photo: Baltimore Housing Encampment

Watch “Homeless man had a request for police…”Can I watch?”” on YouTube




Watch “Coffeecare: The Affordable Coffee Act” on YouTube


Absurdities of government: Trying to make sense of nonsense.




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